28 May 2008

Blog options

I'm quite fond of my little Blogger blog, but I am still interested in exploring other options. In the spirit of enquiry, I spent a couple of hours this morning setting up a blog using the free WordPress software. Although it was fun, I ended up deleting the WordPress blog because it wasn't as flexible as Blogger with regard to customising colours for a distinctive look.

Instead, I'll do some tweaking on this blog and maybe shock you all with a new header. Maybe something blue for a change!


  1. Maybe a new header to coordinate with your new business cards?

  2. Anonymous9:25 pm

    I made the switch from Blogger to Wordpress. The thing I miss most is the flexibility in template, unless you want to pay. I don't regret the move, but would like more room as to how I make it look. There are plus' though.


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