06 May 2008

Book buying

It's always a dilemma - buy books locally and support local businesses or buy at the lowest price, no matter where that may be. Sometimes it's a no-brainer.

This is the latest novel from Jennifer Chiaverini and the story is back to the main theme - the Elm Creek Quilters, their quilt camp and their friendships. Thank goodness there isn't too much rehashed from previous books in the series.

To buy this in Australia, it is $39.95 plus postage. I bought it from wonderful The Book Depository in the UK for $22, including FREE delivery. Not only that, but it arrived from the UK in a week. Now that's not only a fantastic price, but also the most wonderful service. I suspect I'll be ordering from The Book Depository again.

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  1. This one has me stumped, too. I'm a huge fan of that savings through the Book Depository, but have just found my LQS is now stocking the Elm Creek novels. Do I support them, or effectively get an extra book for the same price??? I suspect greed will win!


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