09 May 2008


I've been collecting pink and yellow fabrics for a while now, without having a specific idea for a design. The pleasure of using EQ6 to design quilts is that you don't actually have to do any sewing. Here's my first custom design for these bright prints, but I may come up with something different before I start cutting fabric. Any comments?

Thanks for the feedback to yesterday's post. Michelle: I used Presencia Finca black perle 8 thread.


  1. Hi, that's a nice design. I love the combination of pink and yellow.

    OT: wanna xlinks?

    have a nice day!

  2. Great design! I like that the block heights are uniform but variation in value and shape create an optical illusion with some blocks jumping out a little and others receding. (It would make a good magazine project!)

  3. Hi E, try alternating each second block, it will cut down on seams that have to match up.


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