26 May 2008

Crawling around

Having pieced a backing for my batik quilt this afternoon, I am now ready to crawl around on the floor to baste it. This is when I use safety pins to secure the three layers - so secure in fact, that my quilt sandwich stays firmly attached to the carpet. What joy awaits me...

Change of heart. The dining table looks more appealing than the floor. Must be old age.


  1. Try doing it 8 months pregnant. There's a challenge! Queen-size quilt wedding quilt. Their wedding rapidly approaching. Huge belly. Crawling **** hard! Quilt finally finished about 2am on the morning of the wedding! I sympathise, whatever the reason!

  2. Try spray baste - I wouls not do it any other way now - much better for the knees than all that prolonged crawling and, if you can find a wall or a desisgnboard that is large enought you can even baste it vertically and save any crawling at all.


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