21 May 2008

Love this book

My copy of Collaborative Quilting by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston arrived on Monday (thank you The Book Depository!) and I've been immersed in it ever since. I've been a fan of Gwen's since the days she wrote in Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilts magazines (sadly, no longer published) and I probably credit her with my love of wonky shapes.

In this book, we see a glimpse into the two quilters' lives (and their sewing areas - you know I love that!) and they explain how they collaborate to make quilts. While I find some of their work too busy for my eye, I do love their concept of quilt design - they don't plan, but let the quilt evolve as it is constructed. Since that is usually my approach too, I relate to their philosophy. Wonderful book.

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