25 May 2008

Pinwheels 1

Lesson one: design several options.
What fun! I used EQ to make these Designer Pinwheel line drawings. Not only did it extend my knowledge of how to use EasyDraw in EQ, but it was much quicker than drawing the designs on paper. The objective was to design the patterns, without regard to potential difficulty of piecing. So at this stage, forget about how you'd construct the quilts.

I've narrowed it down to these four designs and would welcome feedback about your preferences. I won't tell you my favourite yet.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4

Great game of footy against Port Adelaide yesterday - a real thriller, which, I'm relieved to say, we won. Cheer, cheer!


  1. hmm, I like 2 & 3. 2 manages to be both order and movement at once, and for some reason reminds me of saw blades as well as paper windmills and mazes. 3 is more chaotic and energetic (kind of reminds me of Transformers from the 80s, in a good fun/young way), and I suspect might make some very interesting secondary patterns when butted together.

  2. I think I like the last one best ... well - it looks best in my imagination when I try and imagine it tiled with more the same ...
    (I like the simple lines and I think the patterns it would make in a quilt made from lots of these blocks would probably be better than the others ... at least in my eyes) ... but I could be wrong, seeing I am only using my imagination to make the "quilt" and my immagination could have got it all wrong! lol
    Of course it also looks like it could be the hardest one to peice - LOL
    but ... who says one has to peice it?! ;-)
    (I am now having some interesting thoughts/ideas involving cutting out fabric and arranging it under tulle ... or just using the lines themselves and stitching them onto a plain background sashiko style or with couched on yarn or something ...

  3. my order of pref is 4 2 1 and I don't like 3 at all. I think I like 4 best as it is the most ordered, love the star in the middle of whichever also and dislike 3 as it is too disjointed. Interested in seeing what you do with which ever


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