23 June 2008


Letters and text fascinate me. The shapes of letters can vary so much between fonts and become design features that enhance the words they form. New levels of meaning are added to text through shape.

When I read an article in last Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald about a website that provides online tools that allow you to design your own font, of course I had to go peek. The website is FontStruct, where you can create your own typefaces and post them for comment. There are some fun fonts there - I particularly liked Ransom Note, where each letter looks as if it has been torn from a newspaper. This website is definitely bookmarked for serious play.

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  1. This SMH articlefrom October 2007 reviews Font Creator software that can be downloaded from High Logic at www.high-logic.com. Your custom-made font won’t show up on other people’s computer screens but it works for letters, scrapbooking and other printing purposes. I am also intrigued by the suggestion that you can ask someone to prepare a sample of their handwriting and then create a personalised font as a gift.


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