08 June 2008

The possum won

I concede defeat in the parsley wars. Chili powder didn't work, so I covered my latest pot of parsley plants in netting and staked it with spiky bougainvillea stems to keep out the possum. That worked for only a week. The possum wins and I stop sacrificing innocent parsley plants to certain death. In future, I will have to scavenge parsley from the gardens of friends.

Last night, Swans versus West Coast. We won by 5 points with a goal in the last minute. At least I know my heart is in good shape after the thrilling last quarter, although I was so pumped with adrenalin that I couldn't sleep for ages after watching the game. Onwards!


  1. I gave up with the roses vs. possums battle this year because it was about time for the winter die back anyway, BUT have been recently told to try citronella oil - I'll be giving it a bash next spring so tell me if you try it.

  2. Welcome to some sprigs of mine, as long as you like curled parsley. I have a possum with sophisticated tastes - he only likes my Italian parsley!


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