14 June 2008

Shopping at the show 1

The Sydney Quilt Show offers many opportunities to shop. Recommendations are passed from friend to friend - look at this thread I bought; did you see the bargain prices on that stand? Of course I indulged and bought some fantastic products.

Last year, I bought a wonderful sampler pack of yarn from Kaarlund Yarns. They were fantastic pieces for couching on my quilts and I made a beeline back to Kaarlund's stand to see what they had on offer this year. This time, I bought these glorious hand-dyed silk yarns.

The variegations in these threads are glorious. I limited myself to three balls (although Brenda and I are going halves in one of them, so I'll end up with four luscious colours). As much as I would love to knit with them (the silk would be light and soft against my skin), I bought them for hand stitching.

Stephanie stitched some gum leaves on a quilt in progress on Wednesday night with the front colour (Rainforest) and showed us the results. Stunning. Can't wait to get stitching myself.

There will be more shopping in future posts.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummmmmmmmm which do I like best ? - can't choose. Oh maybe the purple by a whisker :]

  2. Sarah9:33 am

    These are heaven Erica, I bought some last year and hand quilted my Sue Spargo quilt with them. They quilt beautifully, you just need to use a slightly shorter length so they don't go all fuzzy but the sheen on the quilt is lovely. Have fun!!


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