21 June 2008

Shopping at the show 2

Was is only a week ago that the Sydney Quilt Show finished? The week has been a blur, mainly because I was immersed in five days of training at my new workplace. Fantastic to be back in library land, but what a lot of new faces, names and procedures to remember!

Back to the shopping. These products are all from Unique Stitching. Owned by Cecile Whatman, this business sells the most fascinating array of products for art quilting. I was lucky to work for three mornings on Cecile's stand, where I was able to talk to lots of quilters about how the products could be used, while also deciding which ones I would buy for my own experimentation.

I couldn't resist the temptation of Lumiere paints. These five paints plus a pot of Pearl Ex pigment powder (sky blue) and three sheets of Tyvek paper were sold as a kit. I chose the vibrant collection of colours and look forward to seeing what I can create.

This collection of metallic Pearl Ex pigment powders also called my name. Once I saw their shiny colours, I was a goner.
Since the appeal of working with textiles is their tactile nature, I bought this collection of silk products - cocoons, throwsters' waste, silk cap, silk rods and sericin fibre - all in shades of purple. Already I am enjoying stroking them!

Finally, I couldn't resist these brand-new Jacquard Tee Juice Fineliner fabric pens. I bought three colours, but there are five more in the range. They will be fantastic for writing on quilt labels, since they are washable after heat setting.

I think this booty will keep me entertained for quite some time!


  1. I love love love my fineliner teejuice markers!!! They write very smooth on fabric.

  2. I love al lthat stuff and wouldn't really have a clue how to use any of it! Can you post us some tutorials?


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