29 June 2008


I don't have blocks of time yet to sit at my sewing machine so, to satisfy my urge to work on a handmade project, I have started more textured brooches. This is one that I made about five years ago (sorry the pic is slightly blurry - I've given the brooch away so I can't take another photo). It's approximately two inches square and is hand woven with three different yarns on a taffeta base. There are a couple of beads attached.

I want to explore some different yarns and colours, so I have been dragging out all my 'hairy but not lumpy' yarns for play.


  1. last week I saw some really gorgeous wee landscapes done in this style of woven embroidery on linen and then a bit of other embroidery stitches added for trees etc.
    some of the local quilt girls had done a class at the Embroiderers Guild I think.

  2. Great directions! I love your brooches and hope to try this technique out soon!


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