28 June 2008

Work balance

My blog has suffered in the past fortnight from infrequent postings as I try to establish the ever-elusive balance between work and non-work. One activity that hasn't suffered, and never will, is reading.
Last night I finished absorbing Georgia Blain's memoir, Births, deaths, marriages: true tales. Composed of stories about Georgia's life, this is a captivating and beautifully written book that shows us glimpses of people and events that influence her life.

Georgia is an Australian writer; the daughter of
Anne Deveson, writer, broadcaster, commentator on public affairs and ABC radio presenter and interviewer Ellis Blain. Not only does her book show us the impact of her family on her life, but some reminiscences offer tantalising glimpses of Australia from the 1960s onwards and the impact of the changes in society. I am now interested to read Georgia's novels, mainly to see if the stories are evocative of her own life and whether her style is just as seductive.

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  1. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Dear Erica,

    I love your book comments and have followed through on a few and they are always a good read.



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