08 July 2008

Cutting and cutting...

My system for cutting pieces of fabric for my quilts is simple - I cut until I'm bored. This doesn't usually take very long and I often stop cutting as soon as I have enough pieces to make a few blocks. (Note to self: must work on my low boredom threshold.) Today I feel virtuous for cutting about a hundred yellow and pink pieces this afternoon. I think that's a record for me.

Do you cut all the pieces for a project before you start sewing? Is cutting a favourite part of your quilt making process? Perhaps I need to find a complementary quilting partner!


  1. It varies but generally I cut only about as many as I can get through in a session becuase (a) too much cutting at once makes my arthritic hands ache - 37 and I am OLD! (b)peversely I like cutting - it i svery soothng so I ration out my pleasure and (c) somehow, however I store them, those peices get turned down ears and wrinkly bits so then I have to press them all which is a great waste of time.

  2. I usually cut out some and then do the rest as the quilt grows. My quilts are rarely planned out exactly before I start.

  3. Sarah9:33 am

    Cutting is the boring part, I like the ironing when you've gotten the block all together just perfectly and you can press it all open and see it looking perfect. Sorry Erica, I think you'll be looking for someone else to do your dirty work! Love the yellow and pink quilt though.

  4. Hi!Erica,

    I hate cutting I am disable with Arthitis and have sit to cut- most difficult.

    Mind you I also have a low boredom threshold and cutting a whole quilt at once.


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