21 July 2008

I'm tempted to bead again

after watching Lisa's new DVD, which came with the current issue of Quilters Companion magazine. I love the quilt she has made - Aurora - and the beading techniques are so simple that my fingers are itching to bead again.

I enjoy seeing techniques demonstrated as well as reading about them. Lisa made the beading look so simple, it's inspirational. So now I'm fossicking through my multitude of beads and starting to plan how I can use them to embellish some textile pieces. Like I need another distraction!


  1. Erica,

    Wasn't Lisa's beading lovely and I love "Aurora" as well; I dont bead very often but now am inspired like you to have a try.

  2. Thanks so much Erica (and Judy). I have had a lot of wonderful feedback about the DVD. Maybe I will be asked back to do another one day.


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