07 July 2008

Powerful words

Many readers will know Sara Paretsky as the author of the V I Warshawski series of novels. This book, however, offers a totally different perspective on Sara's writing. It is the fearless, articulate work of a writer who is a citizen of the USA - a woman who uses the power of words to fight against the repression of free speech in her own country.

This is engrossing writing. She traces her personal development through a challenging childhood in rural Kansas, through her years as a young adult and into her adult years. She was involved in the civil rights struggles of the 1960s and embraced the blossoming feminist movement of the 1970s.

I cannot rate this book highly enough. I was riveted to her finely-honed prose and gleaned much from understanding how her own experiences were reflected in the character development in her novels. There will be many readers who won't agree with her opinions, nor her conclusions. However, I rate this as a must-read.

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