20 July 2008

This is my life

That was the theme for the 2008 Kambrachallenge. The quilts in the challenge were revealed yesterday, when we had a chatty and inspiring get together at our favourite pub, the Blue Gum. My quilt represents the two seasons in a year of my life - the footy season and the non-footy season.

Footy, in my case, means the Sydney Swans Australian Rules team. The competition begins each year in March and finishes in September, so for six months of the year I am involved in supporting my team.

The blue strips on my quilt represent the non-footy season. They are stitched in horizontal lines because mostly my life is even. But in footy season (the red and white strips - the colour of my club) the stitching represents the ups and downs of belonging to such a club.

This was evident today, when the Swans played a close game that had us on the edge of our seats in the last quarter. We finally won by two points - definitely one of the peaks shown in my quilt. This is also doubling as my July journal quilt.

If you'd like to see some of the other 2008 Kambrachallenge quilts, click here. The challenge for next year is to use these charm squares in a quilt - any size and, thank goodness, with no particular theme.


  1. Perfect! It says exactly what you feel.

  2. Hi! Erica,

    Thanks for the link to the other quilts lots of inspiration in the challenges.

    Love the way you expressed your life in your quilt, the base colour for the Swa's coveys your passion for AFL.


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