25 August 2008

I know spring is on its way

when the new-season IKEA catalogue arrives in my letterbox! First I read it from cover to cover, just to absorb the furniture arrangements and to see the new products. Then I re-read it through, marking items that appeal. They are usually only available in the wrong colour for me - I love the new HEMNES linen cabinet, but it's only available in IKEA yellow; not my colour at all. Wish they'd made it in this colour, like other products in that particular series. (Actually, it's probably good that they didn't, otherwise I'd have to buy it.)

The catalogue is one of my most enjoyable sources of reference material. I confess to having a pile of past catalogues, which I regularly consult if I want to indulge in decorating fantasies. Such innocent pleasure.

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  1. Isn't it nice when the best things in life are free?!


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