13 August 2008

Improvements are made

I am recovering from the bug that has kept me indoors over the past week. I know this because today I have finished writing two articles, planted two blueberry plants and one bougainvillea plant, cut back the tree dahlia, sowed seeds of parsley and lettuce and tutted over the neglected piece of earth that is called my garden. This is more than I achieved in the whole past week - and it's only two o'clock. Some gentle sewing on the machine will round off the day and I will sleep soundly tonight.


  1. lad to hear you are feeling better. This flu going around is certainly knocking people about. Keep warm and snuggly.

  2. That was supposed to be Glad you are feeling better - not Lad

  3. Hi! Erica,

    So very pleased to hear you have successfully battled the 'wog'.


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