24 August 2008

My Place

If, like me, you can't travel to all the quilt shows you'd like, the internet is a boon. I know that seeing photographs of quilts is not the same as getting close and personal to the actual pieces, but it certainly opens our eyes to quilts we may never otherwise see.

My Place is a travelling exhibition of contemporary art quilts from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. There are 30 quilts from each country. Thanks to the skills of Brenda, there is a website where photographs of the quilts can be seen. The quilts from Australia and New Zealand are shown now, and the South African photographs will be there as well.

I encourage you all to linger on this site, because there are some stunning quilts shown. Congratulations to the quilt makers who entered their work for consideration in this wonderful exhibition.

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  1. Hi! Erica,

    I agree with you the interne tis a real boon to be able to see things you are not able to travel to, and there are some delicious quilts from Australia and New Zealand on the My Place website look forward to seeing the South African ones.


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