27 August 2008

Not happy

The leaves and flowers on the strawberry plants I planted yesterday were eaten overnight by some **!!%$!! animal. Not happy. Now each plant has a cut-down plastic bottle around it as a guard. Not a good look, but if it protects the plants, I'll overlook the aesthetics.

Remember this lovely piece of fabric? Well, I had plans to make a journal quilt from it, but after I pressed it today the colour from the oil pastels simply disappeared. Not happy. I think I probably had the iron set too high.

I moved on to plan B and started to work with this piece of fabric instead. Cut into small squares, along with some of my hand-dyed pieces, this will form the background of my C
itrus quilt.

1 comment:

  1. If at first you don't suceed??
    Shame about the first piece.
    The second looks promising.

    More promising than anything around here for the last few weeks.
    I have a vase of nectarine prunings coming into flower in a vase inside and I really need to spread out quilts on the table and do borders........but I do not want to move the flowers.

    That's a my excuse....and I am sticking to it.


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