19 August 2008

Today's excursions

Some time ago, I noted that an exhibition of Aboriginal paintings from Papunya in remote Northern Territory, Papunya Painting: Out of the Desert, was opening at the Australian Museum. Today Brenda and I finally visited the exhibition. Oh joy!

Thirty three artists are represented in the exhibition and the sizes of the pieces vary from small to enormous. I was particularly taken with a dot painting reminiscent of a Log Cabin-style design. It is called Possum Men of Yirtjurunya by Anatjari (Yanyatjam) Tjakamarra. I highly recommend the exhibition - it is open until 2 November.

Since we were nearby to the Botanic Gardens, we took the opportunity to visit the ATASDA exhibition in the Palm House. Called Out of the Blue, the textile exhibition is by members of the group and also features a collaborative charm swap. The exhibition is open until 26 August.

So I'm home, inspired by today's sights and happy that such interesting exhibitions are easily accessible in wonderful Sydney. Walking around the city streets on such a glorious winter's day was a tonic for my creative soul. Thanks Brenda!

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