11 August 2008

Well here I am

although I haven't got much to show for the past week. I feel so out of sorts, I could qualify as one of those grumpy old women who complain about everything. Is it the bitterly cold weather? Was it my stuffed-up head (now thankfully unstuffed)? Is it just that I want to go to sleep all the time? Who knows, but all I have to show you is this block - yep, one block. I can't even get enthusiastic about sewing right now.


  1. Erica, I've been a grumpy old woman myself for the last week with the cold that's been doing the rounds of Sydney. Perhaps an award will cheer you up - look at my blog www.snippetsnscraps.blogspot.com to see what I've awarded you.

  2. Know exactly the feeling, although with me it's sinus, not a cold.
    Can't wait for the weather to warm up!


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