04 August 2008

What a waste

Last night I went to bed at 7.30pm and managed to crawl out at 9.30am this morning. In between violently sneezing and coughing, I nodded off in the sun. Normal blog posting should resume again one day in the future, assuming my brain hasn't turned to mush in the meantime. Aargh.


  1. Me too - this sucks - I have too much to do.

  2. I've got the same thing. Not enjoying it at all!

  3. Erica,

    How awfulfor you, everyone I know seems to have bar me.

    Hope you shake it soon

  4. hope your better soon, fingers crossed it stays away from me........

  5. Stephanie11:40 pm

    Erica where are you? Has the whole of NSW been struck down? Keep it away from WA.


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