02 September 2008

Adding up the small actions

Sometimes it's the small things I've been putting off that stop me in my tracks, so today I started to address some of them. I've been wearing a mangled pair of glasses at home for months (it's a long story to do with corrosion of metal frames, a snapped-off side piece, sticky tape and superglue - you can imagine how attractive that looks). Took myself off to the optometrist, had a thorough eye test and ordered new specs.

After staggering home, still reeling from the amount of money I've committed for glasses, I sewed a hanging sleeve to the back of a quilt that will be on display next month in Brisbane and Sydney. Filled in the permission form that goes with it.

By then I was on a roll. I sandwiched and basted my citrus journal quilt and then chose the threads for quilting. Since I'm meeting a friend for sewing tomorrow, I cut out another of my hexagon star blocks. Should be able to hand piece a couple of these blocks tomorrow.

So the day was made up of small actions, which resulted in a feeling of accomplishment. Think I deserve a reward, so now I'm looking forward to settling down with the latest Quilters Newsletter.

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