08 September 2008

Answers about curved star hexagons

Some of you are interested in my curved star hexagon blocks - thank you! I do not have a quilt pattern for these. I bought a set of Matilda's Own templates for the block because I was intrigued by the gentle curves around the centre piece and because I love star blocks.

My templates are from Material Obsession (the shop is in Gladesville in Sydney, phone 02 9817 2733, but they do mail order all over the world). The measurement of each side of the finished block is 4 inches (10 cm) and 8in (20cm) across the widest point.

I started making the blocks because I want to use some of the hundreds of blue fabrics I have in my collection. Once I make a pile of blocks, I will decide how I will join them together. At present, I'm thinking of sewing them in vertical rows in a strippy quilt design, but that idea might change. I'm hand piecing them, so please don't expect to see a quilt in the near future - a couple of years may be more realistic!

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