22 September 2008

June journal quilt

I am trying not to get distracted by my gorgeous Amy Butler fabric. (This, of course, is the challenge of working in a quilt shop - the glorious Material Obsession - because the fabrics just call out to you.) Instead, I am attempting to stay focused on completing more journal quilts.

This is a detail shot of my June quilt. It is not finished yet, but I'm very pleased with the way it is looking. Over a piece of hand-dyed yellow fabric, I layered a sheet of silk paper that I made last year. The silk paper is deliberately patchy, so that the yellow shows through. I have stitched it with a variety of threads, including a glorious gold metallic Presencia thread, which sewed beautifully and did not break. I just wish I could remember where I got that thread!

This quilt doesn't have a name yet, but is made in response to the theme of fire. It is also one of my attempts to include more machine quilting in my work and to be more adventurous with threads.

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