25 September 2008

June journal quilt

How cool - I have five followers! Hello Pennie, Robyn, Wendy, Karen and Lisa. I promise you I'm not a cult leader, but I could easily lead you astray (hehe). I'd love it if other readers would consider adding themselves as followers - see the previous post for an explanation.

I have finished my June journal quilt, responding to the theme of fire. It is called Peaks of Flame and is machine stitched over handmade silk paper and hand-dyed fabric. I didn't bind it, but simply edged it with narrow variegated yarn. I have to confess that I love it (is that too self-indulgent?).


  1. Erica,

    You are not self indulgent it is a lovely quilt.

    I love it too, the colour is vibrant, the stitching lively and so like flames, clever you.

  2. Mary-Ann9:17 am

    Love what you've done with this theme and the fabric was perfect. Quilting speaks such volumes. Keep up the fab work.


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