17 September 2008

May journal quilt

Limeade is my journal quilt responding to the theme of circles. My inspiration was a piece of fabric I printed with paint on bubble wrap. The pattern that was created was irregular circles of yellow and green, which reminded me of a bowl of lemons and limes.

I combined the printed fabric with some of my acidic-coloured hand-dyed fabrics. Each of the squares is one inch. After piecing them together, I hand stitched small circles in cotton thread and perle thread. Limeade is the result.

I am focusing on making journal quilts for a while, since I have committed to exhibiting five of them at the Australasian Quilt Convention in February, as part of the Australian/New Zealand Art Quilters' display. A bit scary, but maybe that's what I need at present.


  1. Hi! Erica,

    A lovely Journal Quilt the colours are yummy and ones i love myself very summery looking

  2. What fun to see where your bubble wrap printing ended up.


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