24 September 2008

New gizmo

Blogger has added new features to its blog software and I've picked up on one of them - follower. If you follow my blog, you can click on the link under the Followers heading on the right-hand side of this page (you'll need to scroll down a bit) and follow the instructions.

I don't have any followers yet. Who will be first?

Added 4pm - Pennie is first! Yay!


  1. Hi Erica!
    I think I am your first follower! Karen in New York. I use Blogger also, and I think it is wonderful. So user friendly it makes me look much more high-tech than I am! I love that!
    Did you ever think that you would have "followers?" Ha ha:)

  2. Hi Erica, I still don't understand the "follower" thing. I have you marked in my Reader, what's the advantage in being a Follower?

  3. Hi Fran,
    It's a way of having your lovely face on my blog! Seriously though, it is just a way of showing support for a particular blog. For a proper explanation, see http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=104226
    I think it's just a bit of fun. Not sure that there's actually any other reason to do it!

  4. hmmm ... ok - I will try anything once - LOL
    Actually the best way to find out what something like this is about is to do it ... so I did ... even though i am already subscribed to your blog through something called feedblitz (which just happened to be the first thingy I found that e-mails people's blog entries to me each day, if I have subscribed to their blogs ... and I am still using it because I tend to look at my e-mail more often than my blogger dashboard! LOL)
    btw - my face still isn't on your blog - because it isn't the image in my profile - LOL


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