30 September 2008


I have long had an idea in my head to use a piece of my hand-dyed fabric to create a wholecloth quilt, using hand stitching. What better way to try this out, than to make a journal quilt!

Sometimes I surprise myself - does this ever happen to you? I dyed this piece of fabric earlier in the year, admired it, and then promptly folded it up and stored it in the cupboard. When I went looking for a piece of fabric for my next journal quilt, there it was, just looking at me. This quilt is obviously just meant to be. (Brenda, you may have some inkling of where this design is going?) I'm so excited that part of me prepared a piece of fabric for a quilt that I hadn't even thought of. I'm going to start stitching NOW.

Stop press:
I have just had a phone call from Helen. She has the most exciting news to share about one of her quilts. She promised she would blog it today, so why don't you pop over later and read her news? Way to go, Helen!

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  1. This is just a guess but the Guild's calendar challenge closes on 28 November. Are you really thinking that far ahead?! Possibilities indeed.


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