28 September 2008


This year I decided to grow potatoes in a hessian sack. Of course, I didn't have one of those, so I bought some hessian and sewed a sack of my own. On the Bernina - what a versatile machine!

The idea is that you roll down the sides of the sack and plant the seed potatoes in potting mix and cow manure then, as the growth emerges, you roll up the sides and top up the mix. This is the urban gardener's version of hilling the soil over the plants.

I took this photo yesterday and it shows the first growths. Today I rolled up one fold on the side and added more mix. So far, so good. It is ghastly weather here today - hot with an extremely dry wind from the north-west. Classic bushfire weather, so I hope it's not a forecast of the summer to come.

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