01 September 2008

Thank you

to everyone who left a comment or emailed me with advice following my previous post. I am grateful to everyone who took the time to offer some suggestions that had worked for them. I truly appreciate that so many of you got in touch. Perhaps your suggestions may also help other quilters.

I decided to completely stop thinking about my quilt making for a few days and let my mind focus on other things. The Sydney Swans (my footy team) are in the first finals next Saturday night, so today I travelled into Sydney's centre to buy tickets for the game. After the tickets were safely tucked into my bag (great seats!), I visited Sydney's best department store, David Jones.

Each year in spring, David Jones has stunning floral displays in all windows and throughout the ground floor of the Elizabeth Street store. This year, the theme is Carnival of Colour.
Inspired by the vibrant and colourful Carnavale in Rio de Janiero, the displays are awesome. There are over 450,000 blooms, 8,000 bamboo stems, 2,000 bromeliad plants and over 6,000 orchids. The perfume from the flowers is subtle, but it lingers in the air of the store. This is truly a wonderful sight and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Sydney before 14 September.

The amazing colours and textures of the floral displays have filled me with sheer delight. Spring is here and it fills me with great optimism.

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  1. Erica,

    What a feast of fragrance and colour you must have had a very great gift to yourself.

    Also hope your team wins on Saturday.


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