18 September 2008

The wonderful EQ forum

Do you know about the Electric Quilt forum? It is the most wonderful resource for any user of EQ quilt design software. You can register to join the forum and post questions or, if you'd prefer, just browse the questions and answers without joining.

I have posted two questions to the forum this year and both times have had detailed answers within days. The EQ staff are extremely knowledgeable and are keen to help us make the most of the software.

My most recent dilemma related to the curved star hexagon blocks that I have been making using Matilda's Own templates. I wanted to use the block in EQ6 to draw up some quilt layouts. The most similar block in EQ is block 273, but it has space around the outside of the hexagon. I didn't know how to draw the block myself, so I asked the EQ forum.

Not only did I receive a project file from Penny McMorris, but Barb Vlack also provided step-by-step instructions for tracing the block as a PatchDraw motif. Fantastic help!

Now my task is to follow the instructions to draw it for myself so I understand the complete process. I'll show you my drawings once they are done. Thank you so much to the Electric Quilt staff!

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