12 October 2008

Crochet - here I come

Yesterday I attended a beginners' crochet class and after four hours this is what I had to show for it.
This C-shaped piece of work was supposed to be a straight line, not curved. It was supposed to have the same number of stitches in each row, not vary up and down each time. It was not supposed to take four hours.

In other words, my crochet skills leave a lot to be desired. One problem was that I kept trying to use my hook (see Lindi - I used the right word!) like a knitting needle and the other problem was that I should have been using a larger hook to get correct tension. Now I know the problems and how to fix them I am motivated to persevere. Today I bought two larger hooks and a how-to-learn-crochet book, complete with large diagrams of each stitch, stage-by-stage. The adventure continues.

After the class, I spent a lovely afternoon with Fiona. We had a leisurely lunch, where we each displayed show-and-tell and caught up with each other's news. Fiona's latest news is that she is featured in the current October issue of Down Under Quilts magazine, where you can see photographs of her quilts and read her story. How exciting!


  1. Looks a bit like my first attempt! lol
    Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. I can't wait to see what you make first. Do show us, won't you?

  2. Oh Erica! Your crocheted "C" is too cute! Save it, because when you are soon making beautiful crocheted things you can look at this and you can see how far you progressed! Have fun:)

  3. well I still stand by my statement - you COULD make my scarf ... maybe just a wee bit of practice first

  4. Anonymous10:34 am

    Erica...you're a freeformer and just don't know it! This 'fragment' would be perfect for the freeform medium! :)


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