23 October 2008

December journal quilt

My final journal quilt for exhibition at the Australasian Quilt Convention in February is complete. Desert Windows was inspired by a dot painting called Possum Men of Yirtjurunya by Anatjari Tjakamarra, which I saw at the Australian Museum earlier this year.

My quilt is made from a piece of my hand-dyed fabric, which was folded while dyeing. This resulted in the square-ish dye pattern, which reminded me of the painting. I dyed this piece many months before seeing the painting, so it was really meant to be, I think.
I machine stitched square-ish shapes with Madeira Black Jewel thread. This has a metallic tinge, but is an absolutely delightful thread to use because it doesn't snap. The close up photo below shows that I have hand stitched in some areas with irregular stitches. I used Superior Threads King Tut cotton variegated thread for this. Lovely thread - I must buy some different colours.

Now I have to finish the labels and hanging sleeves on the quilts and then prepare a description of each one. I'm really pleased I committed to this project. Making small quilts (they are the size of an A4 sheet of paper) has been very enjoyable and allowed me to play with ideas that may not have worked on a larger scale.


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  2. It's great! All the seed stitching really sets off your very effective hand dyed cloth.

  3. i really really like this quilt - it glows!! and the colour is so resonant - did you dye it with indigo?


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