13 October 2008


Lunch with Lisa today was a great opportunity to hear stories of her travels in Europe (the stories that aren't on her blog, that is!) and to see some show and tell. Especially interesting were catalogues from a couple of exhibitions she visited in England.

Lisa gave me this spool of metallic gold thread. While staying with a quilter and former knitter in England, she was given a pack of these spools of very old thread. Wound onto large wooden spools, each nearly nine centimetres high, the thread is easily broken and may not be suitable for stitching. It will be great for using in small pieces in embellishments, though, and the spool is an interesting ornament in itself.

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  1. Erica, this thread is probably meant to be couched down, rather than stitched with. That would explain why it breaks easily. I have some very similar old thread that I have used in metal thread embroidery, but only by couching it...now you have another obsession to discover! grin


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