07 October 2008

Great progress

It was one of those days when lots of small tasks were achieved.

Four more curved star hexagon blocks cut out for hand piecing. Now I can settle in front of the TV tonight and enjoy the process.

Finished my tax return. They owe me!

Bought a crochet needle (is that what they are called?) in preparation for a beginners' class on Saturday. I'm the beginner.

Finished hand piecing my Japanese scrap quilt - finally. Bet you've forgotten about this quilt.

Machine pieced the backing for that quilt. Confirmed that I hate the process of manipulating large pieces of fabric through the sewing machine. I will never machine quilt a large quilt because there are too many more satisfying things to do instead.

Oh, and I broke a sewing machine needle on my finger. Ouch.


  1. crochet hook, Erica! grin Enjoy the classes. I always preferred crocheting to knitting because it progressed quicker. Never did really learn to knit properly...

  2. Thanks Lindi! At least I'll have the lingo right.

  3. Erica,

    Looking forward to seeing the Japanese scrap quilt I hope you are going to shopw us.

    I find machine quilting large quilts too tedious and tiring love doing smaller ones.

    Enjoy learning to crochet.


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