09 October 2008

Hello selvedge lovers

Welcome to all readers who have visited my blog after reading Karen Griska's Selvage Blog! I'm pleased you have found the time to visit and I hope you will make my blog a regular stop on your list of blogs. As you can see (below right), Karen is a follower of my blog and I invite you to join her.

Earlier this week, Karen featured my selvedge tulips on her blog - thanks Karen! Although I have many more ideas for my selvedges (many friends have passed on bags of the lovely things), I have been busy with other projects since I made my tulips. I plan to get back to sewing with them soon.

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  1. I've been interested seeing your selvedge work and thought you might enjoy seeing this blog that I came across today
    I've cut off some really pretty selvedges in the past, starting to wish I'd kept them now


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