06 October 2008

How to waste an afternoon

This curved star hexagon block is driving me crazy and making me wonder why I am attempting to use EQ to draw it when I have perfectly good templates that fit together well. Of course, I can answer my own question by saying that I don't want to draw the block in EQ for the templates or the fabric yardage or any of those other wonderful functions that EQ has to offer. I just want to be able to place the block the way I want it in a variety of quilt layouts on the screen.

This is how the people at the EQ forum drew the block for me.
EQ sees this as a square block and I want to eliminate the top and bottom pieces. I traced my templates, scanned them, imported them and traced the shapes using EasyDraw. The block is still not right - I have distorted the angles of the cones and the triangles between them - they should all be the same size but in my drawing they are not.
I have had enough. Some things are not meant to be. I will just have to play with the actual blocks I have sewn on the design wall until I find a layout I like and until I have developed my EQ skills further. So frustrating!

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  1. Anonymous8:58 pm

    I'm not good at a blow by blow description of how to do it, but you need to measure the hexagon vertically and horizontally, and use those measurements to set up the block drawing board and the size of the blocks on the quilt.
    I love EQ, and it is a wonderful way to waste not just an afternoon, but a whole day!


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