21 October 2008

The quest for Timtex

Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the fact that real people run companies and are employed by them. It annoys me when some people think companies employ 'faceless' staff who don't care about what they are doing. This is rarely the case.

I'm also annoyed by rumours and assumptions. Why believe a third or fourth hand story when you can ask the right person and get the correct answer?

Why am I telling you this? Recently there have been vague posts on an overseas internet list about Timtex
(a stiff interfacing, often used by crafters to give body to items such as fabric bowls). Now I've discovered this blog post, which explains why production of Timtex was ceased. It also explains the quest for a substitute and how dogged searching resulted in a suitable manufacturing source being found. It's an interesting story, written by the person who did the work.

While you are on that blog, check out the other posts. It is the blog of C&T Publishing, which most quilters would recognise as a major player in the quilt book publishing field. I'm looking forward to many other interesting stories there in the future.

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