01 October 2008

Some stitching

Stitching phase one. This is a detail pic of the stitching I have done on my next journal quilt. I can hear you saying to yourself - hey, this is machine stitching! She said this quilt would be hand stitched - what's going on?

Well, I did indeed hand stitch half of the quilt. I didn't like the effect, so I then spent a while unpicking it all. Using the divine Madeira Black Jewel thread, I machine stitched the whole thing yesterday afternoon. I love the subtlety of it.

Now I need to look at it for a couple of days until I decide whether to stitch any more. Not sure. Any comments?

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  1. Hi! Erica,

    The stitching is as you say very subtle, but why not machine stitching! Machine is the only kind I do and I love it, look forward to seeing your finished Journal Quilt at a future time.


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