19 October 2008

That which is old becomes new again

Back in the 1970s, I was a nifty macrame crafter. I made the obligatory owl to hang on the wall (what was I thinking??), but I also made many extremely useful plant hangers. Several of these hangers are still in existence (I only do quality work!) and I still like them.

I have the urge to make more and to incorporate lovely large glass beads in them. Of course, I no longer have my basic patterns (cheap paper disintegrates over 30 years - who knew?) so I was sad I couldn't recreate the styles I have.

However, the internet didn't exist in my life in the 1970s. Now it does, and I have located several nifty patterns that I can adapt to make my new batch of plant hangers. I'm extremely excited about this and will go shopping for cord and beads tomorrow.

As if I need a new hobby!

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  1. Erica,

    I didn't do macrame but my daughter did and I had lovely piece of hers for years but recently gave it back to her, however I bought a lovely macrame owl (I collect owls) at a market in the seventies he still lives with me and I still love him/her.


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