27 October 2008


I have to confess that drawing pieced hexagon blocks in EQ6 has been a challenge for me. The hexagon blocks that are in the EQ library all have a strip at opposite sides to make the block fit into a square. I didn't want these strips in my designs and have struggled to draw a block without distorting the pieces. At last, I have drawn an accurate pieced hexagon block using EasyPatch.

This is a Pinwheel Hexagon, based on block number 264 from BlockBase. The block is 8 inches high and 7 inches wide - obviously not a square. To draw it, I printed an outline drawing of block 264 on paper. I cut off the side strips, which made the block the shape I wanted. Then I scanned the drawing and saved it as an image.

In EQ6, I set up a drawing board 8 inches by 7 inches and then imported the image for tracing. It was simple to trace the drawing to create a block with the correct proportions. I coloured it and this is the result.

Now I am able to use this block in a variety of quilt layouts, so that I can audition the designs before I start sewing. I love EQ6, and I'm so pleased I persevered. It is enormously satisfying to learn how to draw what I want and not just take the blocks that are in the EQ6 and BlockBase libraries.

Now I will use the same approach to get the correct proportions in the Curved Star
Hexagon that I have, so far, been unable to draw correctly. Fingers crossed that it works.

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