04 November 2008


Oh joy! This morning I received an email newsletter from Alexander McCall Smith. If you would like to subscribe to these, visit his website. They are beautifully written (just like his stories) and feel as if they are written by an old friend.

It contained two pieces of news that excited me. He's coming to Sydney in January! Didn't say where or when, but I must not miss his talk. If I can possibly be there, I will.

The other news is that this book, The Comfort of Saturdays (an Isobel Dalhousie novel) has been published. Naturally, I ran straight to the bookshop and purchased a copy.

I will not start reading it yet. Instead, I will touch it, read the back cover and simply admire its existence. I will wallow in anticipation of what will be yet another divinely satisfying episode in Isobel's life. Oh, the pleasure.

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  1. Oh you MUST go to the talk ( you knew that already didn't you!) He is so funny in a gentle giggly kind of way and he makes time to sign all books and have a brief chat with everyone no matter how many people. Lovely lovely man.


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