29 November 2008

Casting off and increasing

This has been a huge year for me. I decided to stop working full time in a paid job so that I could de-stress and spend more time doing a variety of activities. Of course, I still need to support myself, so it was challenging to work out a pattern of working part time that would allow me to do so. So far, so good.

I've also been enjoying using materials in my stash to make quilts. I have an awful lot of fabric, some of which I had even forgotten buying, and it has been very satisfying to use some of it in a creative manner.

I have focused on developing my EQ6 skills and have taken courses to facilitate that. Yesterday I enrolled for the Quilt University course EQ6 Advanced Layouts with Fran Gonzalez, which starts on 2 January. Fran was an excellent teacher in the previous course (EQ6 Building Blocks) so I am looking forward to practising in her lessons.

Finally, just this week, I have unsubscribed from a particular internet quilting list that had been wasting my time. I decided that the list provided so few messages to enrich my life - I had to stop.

So here's to casting off old habits and increasing the focus on the positives in life. Will you join me?

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  1. Absolutely. I love this time of year when I start to assess wheat I did thsi year and start to plan anew for next year. The challenge is to actually do what you call' casting off' and I am calling Finish Up so that there ar enot too many loose ends of old projects trailing into 2009. The other challenge is to choose carefully what To focus on in 2009 so that there are not yet more UFOs goinginto 2010!


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