26 November 2008

EQ layouts

Thanks for the comments about my Garden of Stars layout. I enjoy the flexibility of using EQ to preview potential quilt layouts and to colour them with real fabrics. I am learning more about the flexibility of EQ and am slowly developing my skills (though I think the EQ forum is probably hoping I can acquire skills more quickly!)

I'd like to recommend you pop over to visit Judy Butcher's blog, Virtual Quilter. As she says on her site:
"The quilts featured on this site are virtual quilts, designed on Electric Quilt. No stash has been harmed in the process."
Judy has designed some fantastic quilts and it is an inspiration to me to see how she combines blocks. Hi Judy, and thanks!

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  1. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Wow, thank you, Erica! I have so much fun with my favourite toy, there is no way I will make more that a couple a year (I have a stash of tops to finish too) and the blog is a great excuse to keep playing!
    Judy B


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