30 November 2008

Hail storm

Yesterday evening, a huge hail storm hit our area. It only lasted about 15 minutes (although it was building for hours), yet it was quite dramatic. All the white stuff you can see in the first photo is hail stones. Not only did they cover the ground, but they shredded leaves from all the plants. (By the way, the strange shape in the first photo is my hessian bag full of potato plants. I have surrounded it in chicken wire so that the possum can't eat the foliage. Works a treat, but looks odd.)

This is a closeup of the hail and shredded leaves. I love the texture the storm created. Maybe I can use this image to print an interesting pattern on cloth? Must play around with it in Photoshop.


  1. I grew up on a market garden and the first crop of the new season was an important one. We had a lovely patch of silver beet just ready to pick for market and down came one of those heavy hail storms. It was just shredded.

    I think I read recently that hail often causes the most costly damage in storms. Although you would think it might be flooding.

  2. Wow! Rather have the deluges we have, I think. Look at the photos on my blog libode.blogspot.com if you'd like to see what our garden looks like after one of those! Nothing terribly inspiring about the soggy mess. But I look forward to seeing your ice and leaves piece!


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