13 November 2008

If it's November

then it is jacaranda time in Sydney. It doesn't get better than this.

You can see more of my jacaranda photos here.


  1. Oh, they're gorgeous, I love jacarandas! Here in Brisbane jacaranda time is almost over though. I put a lot of pics on my blog a few weeks ago. One of the best things in Australia!

  2. Aren't they just beautiful! I remember them from when I was growing up in Sydney.

  3. Those trees are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing something I'll most likely never be able to see in person. I live in a very wooded area of southern New Jersey - not the concrete-filled area near New York that most people know about. Thank you, again.
    Kay in NJ of USA

  4. Anonymous12:15 pm

    My baby has it's first flowers about to open! Will be a while before it looks like this!


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