17 November 2008

Self portrait

So here's the thing. I want to enter a challenge with a theme of self portrait. I don't make pictorial quilts or quilts with realistic images - that's not my style at all. So what to do?

This is a design I drew in EQ and will be my starting point for my small quilt. I have to include the challenge fabric (an old Jinny Beyer print) so I'm not yet sure how I will work it into the design. Stand by - I have my thinking cap on!


  1. Love your idea so far! Look forward to seeing what you do with the Jinny Beyer fabric.

  2. ooooh - looks interesting! LOL
    ... I can't wait to see how it turns out ... will be good to see how they all turn out actually.
    btw - that sounds suspiciously like the same challenge I probably should be working on at the moment - LOL
    ... but I still have not even decided what to do yet! (I do have a couple of odd ideas, but I am still kind of working out, in my mind, how to actually DO them ... although I am sure that once I actually stop doing other stuff and get around to actually starting it and dig around in my sewing room, then it will all come together/fall into place like things usually do once the deadline is almost upon me - LOL


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