11 December 2008

Accidental discovery

I came across this book at the library today. I think I am in love.

Many, many years ago, I had the most wonderful bracelet. It was made from hammered copper sections, joined with links. I loved that bracelet to death and I have adored copper jewellery ever since.

This book, Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet: Making Designer Metal Jewelry by Mary Hettmansperger, has instructions to make stunning jewellery with copper and silver sheeting and wire. That's all I can tell you about the book now. I'm going to drool in private now.

Reminder: don't forget Material Obsession's swap day on Saturday. I'll be looking for you!


  1. Erica, this looks like fun. Please post photos of the jewelry you make. Some "in-progress" photos would be great too, so we'll all get hooked!
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Thanks, Erica, I've put a reserve on it! (Drat, I hear you say! But hey, you have it until January.) I hadn't checked out the new jewellery titles lately. It looks fascinating, doesn't it?

  3. you might enjoy seeing what Deryn Mentock has done, she challenged herself (and anyone else interested) to work through this book and make a piece of jewellery for each technique
    there is a link to the jewellery challenge on the right side panel of her blog


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